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Lightwave Logic’s Energy-Saving Plastics Attract Internationally Recognized Experts

ENGLEWOOD, CO, March 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lightwave Logic, Inc. (OTCQB: LWLG), today reports that the inaugural members of its newly formed Advisory Board are three world-class leaders in the photonics industry: Dr. Craig Ciesla, Dr. Christoph S. Harder, and Mr. Andreas Umbach. The Board held its first meeting with the Company’s management on March 5 in San Diego, co-locating the meeting with the major Optical Fiber Communications conference and trade show. This body will work closely with company leadership to enhance the company’s product positioning and promotion of its polymer modulator made on its proprietary Faster by Design™ polymer P2IC™ platform. The advanced energy-saving plastics technology promises to minimize costs, natural resources and energy consumed by datacenters and data communications network supporting the insatiable demand for Internet, 5G and IoT (Internet of Things) webscale services.

The company is currently targeting 10 km and longer fiber optic links connecting datacenters with ultra-high-speed optical modulator products. This segment of the fiber optic market is currently growing faster than other segments and driven by the new need for edge computing for low latency IoT and 5G services. The mission of the Advisory Board will initially be to increase the company’s outreach into the datacenter interconnect market and later to support expansion into other billion-dollar markets.

The company’s competitive advantage is a proprietary electro-optic material family (Perkinamine™) coupled with in-house device fabrication of polymer-on-silicon devices, high-speed electro-optic package design and application experience. The company believes that it is this rare combination of multiple competencies that will enable it to convert technology potential to market success.

Similarly, the Advisory Board members have each been chosen for their combination of deep technical expertise, breadth of experience and industry relationships in the fields of fiber optics communications, polymer and semiconductor materials.  Each of the Advisory Board members has experience at both innovators like Lightwave Logic and large industry leaders of the type most likely to adopt game-changing polymer-based products.  In addition, they possess operational experience with semiconductor and polymer businesses.

Dr. Cielsa has held senior roles in the fiber optics industry, including responsibility for the production of 100G transceivers for the data center market. He was CEO and founder of Tactus Technology, a polymer-based display screen company based on his invention.  With roles at Intel, JDSU, Lumentum, Kaiam, and now Illumia in DNA sequencing and nanofabrication, he brings Lightwave Logic tremendous technical and business acumen.

Dr. Christoph Harder is one of the world’s top experts on lasers, optoelectronics and reliability. He was a cofounder of the IBM Zurich Laser Diode Enterprise which pioneered the first high reliability 980nm high power pump laser now ubiquitously used in telecom. He is currently the president and co-founder of Swissphotonics, a trade association that supports the competitiveness of its members by providing visibility opportunities and introductions to potential partners. With prior roles at IBM, JDSU, Nortel, Bookham (now Lumentum), he brings Lightwave Logic a wealth of experience to further position our polymer technology platform into major opportunities.

Mr. Umbach has headed leading organizations in high speed device and Photonic Integrated Circuit design and manufacturing, including as CEO of u²t Photonics which was one of the first companies to develop 50Gbps PIC products for the fiber optic communications market.  He also led the efforts at HHI Berlin in Indium Phosphide and polymer photonics PIC technologies. With roles at u2t, Finisar, and HHI, he brings to Lightwave Logic significant experience in high speed design of integrated photonics technologies.

Lightwave Logic CEO Dr. Michael Lebby said, “I am delighted that these experienced executives have chosen to allocate their valuable time to joining us in our mission to bring electro-optic polymers and modulators to market.  Each of them is truly world-class.    Our meeting in San Diego has yielded valuable insights to better position Lightwave Logic in the marketplace with the right partners for success.”

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