Patent Portfolio

Developing, protecting and commercializing intellectual property is central to Lightwave Logic’s identity as a technology company. Lightwave Logic has over 70 U.S. and international patents and applications that are issued or pending.

These patents provide freedom of manufacture for the company’s electro-optic (EO) polymer materials systems and its optical device technology.

Lightwave Logic’s patent portfolio covers the following areas:


The company continuously seeks to innovate new electro-optic chromophores, designing molecular architectures to meet application needs such as high electro-optic activity and stability. We also design ancillary materials that are useful in conjunction with the EO polymers themselves. Example patents within the materials category include:

Publication Number Title
US Patent 7,902,322 Nonlinear optical chromophores with stabilizing substituent and electro-optic devices
US Patent 9,535,215 Fluorinated Sol-Gel Low Refractive Index Hybrid Optical Cladding and Electro-Optic Devices Made Therefrom

Optical Devices

As the company demonstrates its materials in devices, such as modulators, it has engineered ways to enhance device performance by means of device design and optimized control. Example patents within the optical device category include:

Publication Number Title
US Patent 10,520,673 Protection layers for polymer modulators/waveguides
US Patent 7,738,745 Method of Biasing and Operating Electr-Optic Polymer Optical Modulators


Materials innovations are followed by methods in which the Company or its partners can best work with the materials in the fabrication process. Example patents within the fabrication category include:

Publication Number Title
US Patent Application 20190353843 Fabrication process of polymer based photonic apparatus and the apparatus
US Patent 10,591,755 Direct-drive polymer modulator methods of fabricating and materials therefor

Integration with Semiconductors

Polymers can be used to add functionality to existing semiconductor devices, inclusive of making photonic integrated circuits (ICs). Areas of active innovation include how to get light from one material system into another with minimal losses. Example patents within the semiconductor integration category include:

Publication Number Title
US Patent 10,527,786 Polymer modulator and laser integrated on a common platform and method
US Patent 10,511,146 Guide transition device with digital grating deflectors and method


Challenges for high-speed optical packaging includes maintaining the quality of radio-frequency electrical signals and hermetic/environmental sealing of devices for durability (while still allowing light to go through). Example patents within the packaging category include:

Publication Number Title
US Patent 10,574,025 Hermetic capsule and method for a monolithic photonic integrated circuit
US Patent 10,162,111 Multi-fiber/port hermetic capsule sealed by metallization and method