We are a fast-growing publicly listed high technology company and we offer extremely competitive employment packages. Our team is composed of world-class technologists. Our materials scientists synthesize new polymer materials to technical specifications driven by photonic device engineers who are creating a polymer PIC platform for the datacenter and high performance computing markets in fiber communications. We are also implementing our technology into non-communication markets.

Our current job openings are listed below, but if you feel that you are truly world-class, you have the right experience base, and you believe you can add value to our technology platform (as seen from the photonics product roadmap webpage) then please feel free to submit your resume to:
If you decide to submit your resume, please also write a short (less than 1 page) cover letter with a couple of succinct reasons why you should be considered to join our world-class team. Our entrance hurdle is high, but not impossible should you have the experience and skill base to assist us in becoming the leading polymer photonic PIC technology player in the world.