We are a fast-growing publicly listed high technology company and we offer extremely competitive employment packages. Our team is composed of world-class technologists. Our materials scientists synthesize new polymer materials to technical specifications driven by photonic device engineers who are creating a polymer PIC platform for the datacenter and high performance computing markets in fiber communications. We are also implementing our technology into non-communication markets.

Our current job openings are listed below, but if you feel that you are truly world-class, you have the right experience base, and you believe you can add value to our technology platform (as seen from the photonics product roadmap webpage) then please feel free to submit your resume to:
If you decide to submit your resume, please also write a short (less than 1 page) cover letter with a couple of succinct reasons why you should be considered to join our world-class team. Our entrance hurdle is high, but not impossible should you have the experience and skill base to assist us in becoming the leading polymer photonic PIC technology player in the world.

Synthetic Organic Chemist

Lightwave Logic, Inc, (LWLG) is a fast growing publicly listed technology company located near the Denver Tech Center in Englewood, Colorado, and we offer competitive employment packages. Our team is composed of world-class technologists. Our materials scientists synthesize new chromophores to
technical specifications driven by photonic device engineers. The devices utilize a chromophore-polymer matrix as part of a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) platform, for datacenter and high-performance computing markets in fiber communications.

Lightwave Logic is looking for a creative expert in synthetic organic chemistry and the design of organic compounds for desired physical and optical properties to join our world class materials team. This position offers the successful candidate the exciting opportunity to play a key role in the development and demonstration of new materials with far reaching applications.


  • The chemist must possess an in-depth knowledge of organic chemistry, synthetic methodology, and reaction mechanisms, especially the knowledge of functional materials such as NLO chromophores, OLED, OPV, OFET.
  • The chemist must be able to perform multi-step reactions to synthesize complex molecules in different scales.
  • The chemist must be able to troubleshoot problems of reactions.
  • The chemist must be able to conduct literature searches for specific target compounds and reactions and be able to use the literature to design the best synthetic routes to these compounds.
  • The chemist must be able to decipher structure-activity relationships (SAR) of functional materials.
  • The chemist must have a quality-first mindset and the ability to produce highly pure final products.
  •  The chemist must have a thorough understanding of modern analytical and spectroscopic techniques and must possess the ability to interpret the corresponding data and spectra.
  • The chemist must be able to work across groups to support the team to reach the goals of the company.
  • The chemist should work independently and efficiently, requiring minimal supervision, and be able to successfully complete projects in a timely fashion.
  • The chemist must be able to organize work time efficiently so that several operations can be carried out simultaneously.

Major responsibilities

  • Design and synthesize new chromophores to achieve high performance materials exceeding previous materials, and carry out multistep organic syntheses including isolation, purification, and analysis of targeted products.
  • Perform thorough data analysis from test results and use acquired data to inform next steps.
  • Keep abreast of current scientific literature, discuss these findings with colleagues, and improve reactions consistently based on new findings.
  • Work to ensure that a spirit of teamwork and cooperation exists within the group at all times, and work closely with a team from diverse backgrounds.
  • Record works clearly in e-notebook, analyze test and characterization data, summarize and report work to the group regularly.
  • Exhibit safety awareness, safe work practices, and laboratory hygiene.
  • Assume responsibility for laboratory equipment, ensure that they are properly maintained and serviced, and facilitate their use by other scientists.


  • PhD in organic chemistry with extensive experience in synthesis of conjugated molecules, such as chromophores, OLED, OPV, OFET, etc.
  • Extensive experience in multi-step organic synthesis including reaction design, execution, and development of workup, isolation, purification, and crystallization procedures.
  • Experience collecting key experimental and analytical data to support research and development decisions. Familiarity with modern analytical methods and techniques.
  • Demonstrated track record of scientific achievement: publications, patents, key role in successfully completed commercialized projects.
  • Experience applying spectroscopic methods (NMR, LC-MS, IR, UV-Vis, etc.) for structure determination and utilizing various analytical techniques (HPLC, NMR, GC, etc.) for quantitative data collection.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Company Benefits

  • Fully paid medical, dental, and vision coverage (Employee and family).
  •  Company contribution of $500/year (prorated) toward your medical FSA.
  • PTO and holiday as spelled out in the Company’s Handbook.
  • 401K (“Safe Harbor, 4% match).